What is Wrong with People

So this morning on my way into work traffic was its usual touch and go self. Why is it that people once they see break lights ahead that it seems to be some indication for some idiots to start to weave in and out of traffic to secure a spot closer to the log jam of cars. I just don't get it... why is it so important to not only risk your life, but also the life of those around you?

Any way as this happened this morning, I saw a near miss of two cars colliding. The strange thing though is that one of the cars after this happened appeared to have locked their brakes and all four wheels were locked up... luckily for her the car behind her had left enough space and there still had not been enough time to increase speed. She promptly turned on her hazards and got off the road onto the shoulder. I would have stopped to see if she was all right but I was several lanes over and there was no space for me to make it to her. I hope she is okay... of course the pickup truck driver that caused her to have to do this was oblivious and continued on his merry way.

WAKE UP PEOPLE... you are not that important and you certainly are not the only person on earth... get your head out of your butt!


Written on my Forehead

So what is it with people feeling the need to come up and give you literature? Is there a sign on my forehead that says "Hey I don't have enough things to do... how about giving me some reading material!"

I had some woman pull into the pump catty-corner from mine at the gas station, get out of her car and walk 50 or so feet and say with a sort of craziness in her eyes "Good morning... here is some literature I want you to read." I kindly said "thank you" and she got back in her car and drove away. The even stranger thing was she didn't even pump gas and she backed out of where she was and there wasn't even a car in front of her.

I began to try to think of all the things that would make her choose me of all people when there were so many others to choose from... was it my Vote for Obama/Biden stickers on my car, my University of Alabama sticker (Roll Tide Roll... by the way), was it my green jacket I was wearing, the color of my car or was it the fact that I was making silly faces in the window at my son? (Which I am positive no one else could see besides me)

When she walked away, I made sure to check all of my pockets and make sure all of my doors had been locked in case some scam was underway to distract me and steal something from my car or even worse from me personally. Isn't it sad that we have to be so cynical and untrusting these days...

This is not the only time this has happened to me... I am beginning to get a complex. Do people automatically look at me and say... "she needs saving or perhaps a higher power in her life or worse yet... she looks like someone destined for HELLo Kitty"

Well anyway I wait until she drove away and promptly deposited it in the trash receptacle next to my car. I get in enough trouble for having straw wrappers, receipts and empty soda cans in my car, I didn't need that info too.

I will have to ponder this a bit more closely in the coming days. I certainly know that some of you will say that I need religion in my life and actually I am quite happy with the spirituality I have at this time. Thanks for caring...

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