Ah Butter...

Why is it when you become a mom your sense of caring about your appearance seems to go out the window? Your sense of freaking out lessens. For instance, I just spilt butter all over my work trousers and what did I do... I sat at my desk and I rubbed and scrubbed instead of blotting it away. Realizing that this was not going to do the trick with a yellow Wendy's napkin... I did get up and go to the ladies room to try and attempt to remove the remnants of butter with warm soap and water. Boy oh boy the dog is going to be all over me tonight... and don't even get me started on my hippy hairdo... if you can even call it a hairdo! I am in a desparate need of a make over! Gotta lose some of this weight though first! 


A Bag of Chips and Then Some

So here I am sitting down for a snack which I just paid .60 cents for and to my dismay I open the bag to find six chips in there! Did I really just pay .10 cents for each chip! What a travesty... where is the legislation to save consumers on the missing chip front? I mean I know they are baked... but does that mean I deserve to eat less of them?


Nothing Like the Pitter-Patter of Little Feet

So dropping off the lil guy is always hard in the mornings, but picking him up makes it all worthwhile. Not only do I get to see his fantastic art projects that he does or I get to hear about how he was very helpful at clean-up time, but I get to see him drop everything and run to me with his arms outstretched when he realizes I am there to pick him up. It melts your heart!


Gabbin with the Yo 

So when 6:30 p.m. rolls around in our house it is time to groove with our son... YO GABBA GABBA a show that used to annoy me to no end is now one of my favorites! Here is the reason - it gets us all up and moving and the messages are great once you sit down and listen to them. He just loves to watch us dance around the room like crazy people.

He really is going to want to distance himself from us in the awkward teenage years. I don't think he will have to worry too much though... we may dislocate a hip or something if we try to dance like that in years to come. Ha ha ha!

On last night's show they sang about keeping your hands to yourself... it has a catchy tune to it. I love all the funky beats and to see his face light up when we dance with him is priceless. I need to set up our video camera and just have it run one night while we are all dancing and having fun. Every time I hear him laugh or see a smile on his precious little face it makes my heart want to burst out of my chest!


Put in my Place by a Toddler

So this past weekend, I was put in my place on more than one occasion by our son the toddler who is flexing his independence muscles in a big way. I cannot even count the amount of time I spent saying "NO!"... I was getting tired of hearing myself speak.

So anyway, he has taking to hitting with a smile. He picked it up from a boy at school-oh joy! So how on earth do we combat that... well I know one thing we don't need to do - and that is wear his butt out. That will only reinforce the hitting he is doing.

So now we are relegated to saying, "Hitting is not nice and it hurts." It is the hardest thing not to smile when saying this to him, he is so darn cute when he is expressing his opinion. So the other day... I repeatedly told him no and he kept testing and testing... pushing those boundaries closer and closer to my breaking point.

So he was around the computer and finally after repeated no's he stepped away and said a few choice words to me in toddler gibberish and swatted his hand and smiled. I looked at him with my sternest face that I could muster and I said to him, "That is not nice behavior, mommy loves you though with all her heart."

I hope he grows out of this phase quickly... only time will tell.