So these are a few of my favorite things obviously. Mama T and our lil guy rate at the top of every list I could ever make. Since I found out I was pregnant back in February 08... I have tried to cherish every moment in time and document it through pictures. I plan to continue that trend. As a matter of fact of the tradition we have started on his birthday is we will all three take a picture together at the exact time he was delivered. I know though that when he gets older that isn't going to fly much... we shall see 8:10 p.m. isn't too early or late.

He is truly a joy to have in our lives and I cherish that every day.

Okay so on to my list of favorite things:

- Jeans

- T-shirts

- Soccer (although I have not played since before our son was born)

- Watching old movies

- Watching my favorite Christmas movie - It's a Wonderful Life

- Photography

- Doing art projects with our son 

- Doing art myself

- Hiking only on cool days though

- On sunny cool days sitting outside and watching the clouds float by trying to figure out what the shapes look like

- Going to the beach... love the sounds of the ocean

- Like to hunt for sea shells, build sand castles, eat hot dogs with mustard and onions with chips and drink strawberry soda on the beach 

- Helping animals in need

- Helping people in need

- Sightseeing when I travel although I usually miss a lot because I always see things through the lens of a camera

- Spending time with friends and family

- Playing cards or board games

- Playing video games

- Photo-seek puzzles

- Being silly with our son and with Mama T (I love to make them laugh and I am not afraid of making a fool of myself to do it)

- Connecting with old friends and making new ones

- Being right

- Fighting for the under-dog

- Seeing images and recognizing smells that take me immediately back to a time and place that I once loved and have fond memories of