So lately lil guy's daycare teachers have been telling us all of the great things he has been doing during the day. Is that something most parents enjoy finding out from their teachers or would like to see with their own eyes even though they know deep down it isn't the first time their child was doing that.

Nearly every day he has had comments on his reports... "he was silly today", "he kissed his teacher today", "he took two steps towards his teacher today", "he watched the bubbles and kissed the kangaroo puppet in class" and this one is my favorite... "he just loves French fries!!!".

I know what you are asking... french fries, how did he get those... we wondered that ourselves until I walked into the classroom today and one of his teachers said so proudly did you see what I wrote on his paper Friday about the french fries? I said yes, I did see that and we really try not to give him a lot of fried foods.

Well this post was started months ago and now in his room they are aloof with us. His papers now have comments like... he was upset today and then right below it is reads "He was happy today"! So which is it? He is reaching the stage that his moods change like you change the channels on a weekday night when reality tv is on every station.

He is in the process of transitioning to the next room and I think the teachers tend to think he is a little more self-sufficient. We decided to move him to another daycare after all was said and done.

Reasons for this were: We felt as if they couldn't challenge him enough and his teachers would write notes on his papers with things like "He aint' ate yet..." now does anyone else see what is wrong with that statement? Well don't get me started because there are more things wrong with it other than the grammar used to express it. Also finding out that kids in the next room would jump on kids who fell on the floor and would then bang there heads on the floor while they were down there were not really a good incentive for us to have him transition to that room. We are not raising the next WWE superstar here...

I think the teacher really took offense to us deciding to move our son to another school. She started getting an attitude with us the minute she found out and luckily for us they allowed us to leave a day after we told them. It was an uncomfortable situation to say the least at the end.

His new school is so much better and he comes home exhausted every day!! He creates wonderful pieces of art, eats like five times a day, sleeps on a cot, listens to music and has circle time with his classmates. It is such a good fit for him and they just love him. He loves playing outside on the playground and he has shown a tremendous level of interest for books in the short time he has been attending there.

We actually got to see him in his surroundings one day when we visited for Thanksgiving lunch... they were doing storytime with the puppets and he was mesmorized and listening intently to his teacher while other children in his class were up walking around, not paying attention. He was able to play and hug the puppet when his teacher was finished reading... he had the biggest smile on his face. It was priceless!

We have learned recently through different situations that you really have to be an advocate for your child and as a first time parent you really don't realize this going into it, but you learn it rather quickly.