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A Hodge-podge of Craziness

My rant for the day... as you can see it has been entirely too long since we have blogged on here. Well as you can imagine life has been busy... well what we thought was busy has now become insane these last few weeks. Mama T has been with family because her parents are not in the best of health and I have been single momin' it with me and lil guy. I would have to say neither job is probably be done the best that it could be, because we are worried about the other and how they are doing in their situation... wishing you could be there to help.

All the while trying to keep schedules as normal as possible for a lil guy who is flexing his independence and his jaws which therefore means his teeth too. Yes it is true... he had become a chew toy at school and now he has chewed on a few of his friends at school. That has seemed to have died down for the time being. He did bite me this past weekend and when I told him no and I guess the look in my eyes caused him to immediate break down into a huge crying fest included with the driviling that one gets when they have been crying for hours, but his was instantaneous. Mama T then picked him up and put him in "time-out" which he actually stayed. We kept him there for a minute and then he was made to come and apologize to me... which consisted of a hug and a kiss. So hard to discipline lil guys when they are that age, but it must be done...

More to come...