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Wow... Let My Research Begin

So I really need to get on the stick with this blog or I will just become one of those bloggers who no one really cares to read stuff from. That may be the case anyway when it all boils right down to it. My problem is I have so many things I want to do and either time, confidence or money keeps me from pursuing them. What is that about!!!

Found a great quote today... so I will put it here and refer to it often (that is if I remember to do so). Those who've invested the most are the last to surrender. Therefore, stand firm, let nothing move you, always give yourself fully to the mission and keep a long memory for it will serve you well in the future. -Coach Vince Lombardi

Those words truly resinate with me... does everyone go through phases where they are ultra-motivated by some things and then other things are just done just to say they were done? Is it that I am afraid of failure or afraid of success or perhaps it is I am afraid of the success of failure or the failure of success... that is one in the same isn't it?

There are a lot of things I am damn good at, but refuse to share them with others because I guess I feel like they won't care... why would they so this brings me back full circle to this blog and actually this website. Do people want to read about two moms navigating with their son through life? It really is no different in the grand scheme of things to a heterosexual couple raising their children.

I don't know maybe there are people out there who disagree with us and maybe it is interesting to talk about. What do you think?

We want people to treat us the same yet we single ourselves out... isn't that a contradiction? There are some situations that are not treated the same for instance Father's Day (which we have a story about that) but it is no different than a widower or a single mom scenario.

So what do people want to see on here? Let my research begin...

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